The First 6 Months…

The first six months of my twin pregnancy were pretty challenging for me. My excitement and joy was meet with intense “morning” sickness and fatigue. My morning sickness was more like all day and all night sickness! when i tell you I tried everything, I tried EVERYTHING. From saltine crackers to vitamin B lollipops. Ginger ale? Try chewing pieces of ginger and diffusing your water with it. Nothing was working for me and I realized I just had to endure or as my husband like to say, “thug it out.”

And I thugged it out. I could eat much but made every effort. It got to the point that many of my co-workers  were asking if I was gaining anything at all. in fact in the time that we found out we were pregnant to about the 3 month, I lost weight. people really had a hard time believing i was carrying twins. I really didn’t begin to really show until about my 5 month and it grew and grew from there.

During this time I did a lot of reading and research on the development of my babies. In a twin pregnancy women after often categorized as high risk. As a result of this we were given ultrasounds at every doctor visit. I have SO many ultrasound print of these twins! I loved seeing them change at every visit and encouraged by the miracle of life happening in me.

In this time we also found out the gender of our babies.


We couldn’t have been happier. And again another one of our prayers answered. (Yes we prayed for twins boys!)


2014-03-16 19.29.10


2014-05-11 10.19.31 2014-05-12 14.36.45


2014-06-13 19.00.342014-06-27 21.55.34

2014-06-29 14.39.30


2014-07-04 17.14.08 HDR

By July I was beginning to feel more like myself. I wasn’t having much sickness and I was starting to feel some movement! I was starting to love my pregnancy.

To be continued…


Pregnancy….with TWINS!!

In March of 2014 we were elated to find out that were were expecting! and to put two cherries on top we found out we were having twins! it was an exciting and amazing time. we were in awe at how the Lord heard our prayers and gave us the desires of our hearts (Yes, we prayed for twins).

Through a miraculous whirlwind of events the Lord revealed his gifts and also set preparation for the Glory he desired to be shown through us.

Upon initially taking our first pregnancy test we decided to go in for a confirmation visit with the OBGYN. at that visit we were given an ultra sound and unfortunately we were not able to see anything. we were then scheduled for another appointment in 4 weeks. Those weeks of waiting were nerve wrecking but allowed for me to place my trust in what God what doing.

At our next appointment we were eager to finally get a glimpse of our baby. As the technician moved the monitor over my belly we saw on the screen two dark areas. Just as my mind was attempting to comprehend what I was seeing, the technician asks us, “Well, were you planning for two?!” at that moment we were ecstatic!

We began to worship and cry. We thanked the Lord over and over. He heard our prayer… He answered our prayer. What an amazing God.  What a privilege to know a God such as this. To allow me and my hubby the opportunity and honor of becoming parents. He’s an awesome God.

2014-04-10 19.45.58


We spent our honeymoon in the beautiful Barbados! The weatherman warned us that there would be rain every day, but the Lord provided us with beautiful blue skies our entire stay! This was Aamir’s first time flying and he loved every moment. We stayed at the Sandals resort for 6 days and it was sooo … Continue reading

The Married Life <3

We were married on the 7th of December 2013!

The day was amazing. Truly amazing. We had long journey towards the big day and we experienced so much as we planned and prepared. We prayed every day at 12:07 pm in preparation for the ministry we wanted to represent and God definitely responded. My honey was so involved and very supportive so that was an awesome help amongst he chaos.

That day however, was so peaceful and calm. The Holy Spirit’s presence was so heavy and refreshing that all my cares a concerns literally disappeared. All I could feel was joy, excitement, and love for my soon to be husband. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day experience.

We shared our personal and heartfelt vows. His words gave me chills and I knew he meant every one. For him I vowed to support and submit. I vowed also to serve and love him unconditionally for the rest of our lives. Now we are just about 4 months in and our love is sweeter than ever. 

I love my honey and am still so excited to continue in this new adventure of life together.



Handwritten and Heartfelt Vows

Our promises to each other on our wedding day ❤ 12-7-13